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Global Indicators of Regulatory Governance

Meet the Team


Isabela F. Emerick Albergaria

Isabela is an analyst at the Development Economics Group of the World Bank. She works on analyzing the laws and regulations of the Latin American and Caribbean region. Previously, Isabela worked for the World Bank Group’s Migration and the Law project, assisting with data collection and review of legal documents. She holds a Master of Laws degree in International Legal Studies from American University Washington College of Law. As a Brazilian attorney, Isabela had the opportunity to work with public and private sectors in Brazil, as well as with international organizations such as the Organization of American States and the International Chamber of Commerce.


Ekaterina Gromova

Ekaterina is an analyst at the Development Economics Group of the World Bank. She specializes in the assessment of laws and regulations in Eastern Europe. She is a graduate of George Washington University, the Elliott School of International Affairs where she studied Science, Technology and Development Policy. Previously Ekaterina worked in private and public sector for business and high-tech ecosystem development. Her professional interest lies in studying government policies for better innovation and technology growth in emerging economies.


Marko Grujicic

Marko is a lawyer focusing on legal analysis and collection of regulatory governance data. His commitments also include work on the Subnational Doing Business project, specifically on the Enforcing Contracts and Registering Property indicators. Marko holds a law degree and an LL.M. from the Faculty of Law at the University of Belgrade (Serbia) as well as an M.A. in International Relations and International Economics from the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies. Before joining the World Bank, Marko was an attorney practicing corporate law and a legal advisor for non-profit organizations in Serbia dealing with civil society and public sector reforms.


Joseph Lemoine

Joseph is an analyst at the Development Economics Group of the World Bank. He coordinates data collection and supervises data processing. His work also involves analyzing Sub-Saharan countries’ regulatory frameworks. In addition, Joseph is a member of the Doing Business project and works on the Resolving Insolvency indicator. He holds a Master of Laws in International Legal Studies from Georgetown University Law Center as well as a Master’s degree in Comparative Law from Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (France) and a Master’s degree in European Governance from Sciences Po Grenoble (France). His professional interests include government transparency, competition policy and corporate sustainability.


Fatima Quraishi

Fatima is an analyst at the Development Economics Group of the World Bank. She specializes in the analysis and quantification of the legal practices in the Asia Pacific region. As a graduate of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University she studied Development Economics and International Energy and Resource Policy. While in India, Fatima clerked with a Justice at the Supreme Court of India and consulted in a non-profit on constitutional, penal and human rights law. Her professional interest lies in governments’ policies on governance and transparency to combat intersectional disadvantage. Currently, she is serving as a Co-Chair of the Short-Term Staff Working Group at the World Bank Group Staff Association.


Valentina Saltane

Valentina Saltane, Sr. Private Sector Development Specialist, supervises the project design and implementation and is one of the co-founders of the Global Indicators of Regulatory Governance project. She is also one of the supervisors on the Doing Business project. Ms. Saltane has led the Resolving Insolvency, the Starting a Business and the Trading across Borders indicators. Ms. Saltane has co-authored three Access to Finance reports, two reports on Sweden’s Business Climate, Global Survey on Consumer Protection and Financial Literacy publication as well as two working papers. Before joining the World Bank Group in 2007, Ms. Saltane held the position of a research analyst at the Law and Economic Consulting Group (LECG). And she has worked for the World Resources Institute as a program coordinator. Ms. Saltane holds a master of public administration from the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs, Cornell University.